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The new participant portal is currently in phase release

Jun 29, 2023, 13:27 PM by sh
Summary: The new participant portal is currently in phase release.

Full story: The AFTRA Retirement Fund is happy to announce the release of the new, AFTRA Retirement Fund portal—making it easier for participants to access information about their retirement accounts and take care of Fund related business from anywhere and at any time.

This is an exciting time for participants to manage their earnings and account information with the Fund.

The phased release commenced on June 26 and will continue through middle of September, 2023.  Fund participants will receive sign-up instructions and required access information mailed to their verified address of record with the Fund.

For more information on what’s instore in the new portal, stop by our new page,  My participant portal, to read about some of the new features.  You can also take a look at helpful FAQs to learn more about what to expect.

While you are here, navigate the site for recent and helpful information.

Here are some updates you may notice on our website:

  • A new button, “Portal—Sign In”, has been added to the "Quick links" section of the site. If you received sign-up instructions in the mail, then you can click that button from any page of our website to navigate directly to the main page of the portal.  If you have not received your portal sign-up information, you cannot sign into the portal.

  • Electronic secure submission of forms is now limited through the new portal.  Participants can still access frequently used forms, print and complete the .pdf versions of these forms and submit them using the instructions provided on each form.

  • The “contact us online” form page is now available through the new Help Center page. But, no need to worry.  If you are a participant, and wish to contact Fund representatives, you can send your inquiry using the same convenience of an online form through the new, Help Center page on our new portal.  Go to the Participant toolkit  tab, scroll down and select Contact Us to send a message to a Fund representative.

If you do not receive your notice in the mail by the middle of September, please contact us at (800) 562-4690 for us to review your record and circumstances.