Retirement Plan SPD


The current Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD), which provides information about Retirement Plan benefits effective May 20, 2013, is provided below. The Retirement Plan SPD provides current summary information about the Retirement Plan and supersedes all prior Retirement Plan SPDs.:

2013 AFTRA Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description

Modifications have been made to the Retirement Plan since the Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD) was issued in May 2013. These changes are communicated in Benefits Updates that were published and distributed to Retirement Plan participants. The 2013 SPD, together with the Plan modifications included in following Benefits Updates, represent the amended Retirement Plan as it exists today.

pdficon_small November 2017 Benefits Update
pdficon_small March 2015 Benefits Update
pdficon_small September 2014 Benefits Update
September 2013 Benefits Update
August 2013 Benefits Update

 If you have any questions regarding any recent update to the Retirement Plan, please refer to the Benefits Updates that modify the Retirement Plan or contact the AFTRA Retirement Fund at (800) 562-4690.

All official Plan documents are also available for review at the AFTRA Retirement Fund office during normal business hours. In the event of any inconsistency between the Retirement Plan document and this SPD, the Retirement Plan document governs.


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