Remitting contributions and earnings reports / files

Effective Dec. 1, 2017, contributing employers will be required to submit all remittances and contributions to a central repository to be maintained by the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan, including contributions that are due and reportable to the AFTRA Retirement Fund.
With the news of this change, employers should follow the schedule and process for remitting contributions and reporting earnings described below, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreements currently in place.

Where to send remittances and contributions on or after Dec. 1, 2017
All contributions and earnings that employers currently report to either the AFTRA Retirement Fund or the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan should be submitted to the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan on or after Dec. 1, 2017. All contribution checks must be accompanied by a standard remittance report and should be sent to:

SAG-AFTRA Health Plan
P.O. Box 54867
Los Angeles, CA 90054-0867

For additional information regarding remitting contributions and reporting earnings on or after Dec. 1, 2017 through the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan, visit the Employers page at the SAG-AFTRA Plans’ website at