My Participant Portal FAQs

Learn more about the AFTRA Retirement Fund Participant Portal with the following Frequently Asked Questions and answers below. If you don't find your answer here, please call Participant Services at (800) 562-4690.

My Participant Portal FAQs

My Participant Portal FAQs

Q. Are participants required to create a portal account?

A. No. But having a portal account is highly recommended and allows users to quickly take care of Fund related business. With the new portal, participants can edit their mailing address and contact information and can easily view their earnings and submit earnings discrepancy inquiries, and pension related forms.

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Q. Are there security benefits to creating my portal account?

A. Maintaining online access to your retirement accounts, including your AFTRA Retirement Fund account, allows you to
protect your account. Regularly checking your retirement accounts reduces the risk of fraudulent account access.

Failing to register for an online account may enable cybercriminals to assume your online identity.

 Read more about cybersecurity online-tips 

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Q. What will I need to create my portal account?

A. You will need to create the account with information that matches information maintained in your Fund record.  You will also need your Participant Retirement Identification Number (PRID) to create a portal account.  The Fund will mail a tailored communication with instructions for creating a portal account to registered participants with a verified address


Tip: You will not be able to access the portal until you receive the information in the mail. 

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Q. What is a Participant Retirement Identification Number ("PRID")?

A. The Participant Retirement Identification Number, or PRID, is a new confidential number issued by the AFTRA Retirement Fund to registered participants with a verified mailing address.


Once issued, the PRID will be required when contacting the Fund office and will replace the use of the previous AFTRA Retirement Fund Number.

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Q. Does my portal password expire?

A. The password you created for the portal will not expire.


However, for added protection, and to further safeguard your personal identifiable information (“PII”), we recommend that you create a strong password, monitor your account regularly and never share your password with anyone not authorized to access your information.

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Q. I do not see the usual online contact us form on the website. How can I send an email to Participant Services?

A. You can contact Participant Services through the new,  Help Center page on our new portal.   In your message, include the reason for your inquiry and the best telephone number and email to reach you.

Tip: If you already have a portal account, you should sign in and send your message securely from the Help Center page. Doing this will ensure a secure transmission and will provide participant services representatives with additional information and your preferred contact information associated with your record.


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Q. Is it secure to access the portal over public Wi-Fi?

A. Generally, public Wi-Fi is not secured; therefore we recommend that you use a secured and trusted network when accessing your information on the portal.   If your network isn’t secure, you run the risk of exposing your login and other information to unauthorized users. Always confirm that you are accessing the portal from a secure and trusted network.


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Q. How often is earnings information updated?

A. Earnings information is updated during an automatic nightly refresh. So, if reported earnings are credited to your record today, you should be able to view the new earnings record the following day.


As earnings are reported, processed and credited to your account, that information will be posted and available for viewing within the portal.  However, there is a gap from when you perform SAG-AFTRA covered work and when that employer reports your earnings information to the Fund.

If you have questions about how your earnings and contributions are credited ― especially if you perform work for a new employer ― contact SAG-AFTRA's Contracts Division.  Visit /Contracts.

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Q. Why are my Calendar Earnings Details different from my Pension Summary Earnings?

A.  Your Calendar Earnings Details represents AFTRA-covered earnings reported by an employer for a 12 months calendar period (Jan1-Dec 31.)


Your Pension Summary Earnings Details displays AFTRA-covered earnings reported by employers for the 12 months period from Dec. 1 through Nov. 30 (also referred to as a base year).      

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Q: Why am I only seeing one option for One-Time Passcode (OTP) delivery?


A:  The delivery method(s) on the portal will only display the telephone number, email address, and/or mailing address associated with the contact information on record with the Fund.

If only one option is displayed, (e.g.; mailing address) it means that the Fund does not currently have a verified email or phone number associated with you record. 

If the mailing address is the only option shown, note that for USPS delivery please allow 10-14 calendar days for delivery of your OTP code. 

Once you receive your OTP code, and complete the sign-up process, you can sign in to the portal to update your contact information with the Fund.


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