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Deferring your benefits to age 72 will affect the adjustment to your accrued benefits

Jun 24, 2021, 07:26 AM by sh
Summary: For participants who defer the start of their retirement benefits beyond age 65 up until age 72, their accrued benefit will continue to be actuarially increased until they reach the new Required Minimum Distribution age of 72

Full Story: In our December 2020 Benefits Update  that was distributed to participants, we announced that in accordance with the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act signed into law in December 2019, the Trustees of the Retirement Fund decided to adopt the new Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age change from 70½ to 72 years for our participants turning age 70½ after 2019. 

As a result of this change, you should know how electing to defer your benefits will affect the adjustment to your accrued benefit.

You are strongly encouraged to consult with your financial advisor to learn more about the potential impact of delaying the start of your benefit. However, it is important for all participants to know that deferring the commencement of your retirement benefit past normal retirement age (generally, age 65) means that your accrued benefit will be actuarially adjusted and increased to reflect your delayed commencement date. Under the amendment, you may defer payment of your pension benefits past normal retirement age until the first day of any month between reaching age 65 and April 1 following the year in which you reach age 72.   

The following example illustrates the effect of deferring payment on a pension benefit with a regular annuity amount of $1,000. Participants who attained age 70½ in or after the year 2020 have the option to defer the start of benefits until April 1 following the year in which they attain the age of 72. Refer to page 26 of the 2019 AFTRA Retirement Fund Summary Plan Description for more information on late retirement or the December 2020 Benefits Update  for the RMD age of 72.


AgeAmountIncrease over regular annuity
66$1,108.05 10.80% 
 67 $1,230.82 23.08% 
 68 $1,370.73 37.07% 


How can I learn more about when to apply for my pension? For information about the age requirements for starting your pension, go to the Retirement Fund tab, select the Retirement Plan-at-a-glance webpage scroll down and select Age requirements. You can also stop by the FAQs section of this website to review specific questions on when and how to apply for your pension for helpful questions and answers. While you are there, you can also refer to the questions and answers contained within the Retirement Plan rules FAQs .

If you are interested in learning what your potential monthly benefit payment amounts would be should you wish to defer to 72, you can request a pension analysis by submitting an online request on this website. To do this, select the pension projection button under the “Quick links” section included on every page of the website and complete the form. For future reference, the Pension Analysis Form is available on our website's Retirement forms page (under the "Forms" top menu item). A pension analysis provides a comparison of your monthly payment amounts (based on your benefit earned to date) for the different options available under the Retirement Fund. It is important to note that a pension analysis is only an estimate. Your actual benefit will be calculated upon your submission of your application to put your pension into pay status.

To view an electronic copy of the distributed December 2020 Benefits Update, select the "News and Updates" top menu item on this website and scroll down to select "Benefits Updates."

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