Senior Citizen Health Program: Overview

The AFTRA Health Plan’s Senior Citizen Health Program offers supplemental health care coverage to qualified Medicare-eligible performers. If you qualify for coverage under the Senior Citizen Health Program, you must notify AFTRA H&R in writing that you wish to enroll to be covered. Coverage will only become effective when AFTRA H&R receives your request and the required premium.

Both individual and family coverage are available (subject to earnings requirements) under the Senior Citizen Health Program, and the Senior Program’s benefits are comparable to those provided through active coverage. Benefits include hospital, major medical, wellness, mental health, chemical dependency and prescription drug coverage.  

Dental benefits are provided to enrolled Senior Citizen Health Program participants, but not to their spouses or other dependents. Life insurance and accidental death and personal loss benefits are not included with the Senior Program. In the event of an enrolled participant’s death, a designated beneficiary may qualify for the Senior Program Survivor Benefit.

Coverage provided under the Senior Citizen Health Program is coordinated with Medicare benefits. Medicare is the primary payor and the Senior Program is the secondary payor for all Medicare-covered services. For more information about how the Senior Program coordinates benefits with Medicare, refer to the 2011 Health Plan Summary Plan Description and relevant Benefits Updates


The Senior Citizen Health Program also provides benefits for certain services not covered by Medicare, including dental, wellness and private duty nursing. In these instances, the payment of charges will be governed by the terms of the AFTRA Health Plan.

Senior Citizen Health Program qualification requirements
Senior Citizen Health Program premiums and buy-up rates
Senior citizen survivor benefit

These web pages provide general summarized information about the Senior Citizen Health Program.  For further information, refer to the 2011 Health Plan Summary Plan Description and relevant Benefits Updates.