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The AFTRA Health Plan provides both individual and family coverage options, subject to qualification requirements. The Plan includes hospital, major medical, prescription drug, mental health, chemical dependency, wellness and dental benefits. In addition, the Plan provides enrolled participants (not including covered dependents) with a $30,000 life insurance policy and $18,000 in accidental death and personal loss coverage from AIG Benefit Solutions.

Below are links to reader-friendly charts that outline the AFTRA Health Plan benefits:

Coverage overview 
Hospitalization benefits 
Major medical benefits 
Prescription drug benefits 
Wellness benefits 
Dental benefits 
Mental health benefits
Chemical dependency benefits 
Life insurance and accidental death and personal loss benefits 

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The information provided in these pages is summarized and is not a complete description of the actual terms and provisions of the Health Plan documents. If any conflict arises between this information and the Plan documents, or if any point is not discussed or is only partially discussed, the Plan documents will govern in all cases. For details and additional information refer to the 2011 Health Plan SPD and relevant Benefits Updates.