Accredo Health Group specialty pharmacy  

Requirement for coverage of specialty medications

Participants must fill prescriptions for specialty medications through Accredo specialty pharmacy. Each prescription for a specialty medication may be filled once at a network retail pharmacy, with the applicable retail copayment. All subsequent prescriptions for each specialty medication must be filled through Accredo. If you continue to purchase a specialty medication at a retail pharmacy after the first fill at a retail pharmacy, you will pay the entire cost of the medication.

Express Scripts' Accredo Health Group provides patients with up to 90-day supplies of specialty prescription medications used to treat a broad array of complex diseases that may require special handling, administration by infusion or injection or specialized patient support. Accredo is focused on creating a better model of care by providing patients and their physicians with access to teams of registered pharmacists, registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, patient care representatives and reimbursement specialists throughout the duration of therapy. Accredo also offers free scheduled delivery of medications, free supplies (such as needles and syringes) and refill reminder calls.
How to get started with Accredo specialty pharmacy
Upon receiving a prescription for a specialty medication, simply call Accredo toll-free at (800) 803-2523 8 am
- 11 pm ET Monday through Friday or 8 am - 5 pm Saturday to speak with a representative. Or you may provide your physician with your H&R Funds No. (labeled as the ID No. on your Prescription Drug ID card) and ask him or her to call Accredo at (800) 987-4904.

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